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Life expectancy of Australians hits new high

You would think living longer is a good thing.

But not always. 

Ross and John spoke to Professor Alan Lopez, from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at University of Melbourne, about Australians living longer.

He says the increase in life expectancy is faster than the increase in healthy life expectancy.

‘So the longer we are living, we are living more and more of those years in poorer health.’ 

Mr Lopez has three pieces of advices to living a long life.

‘Do not smoke, do not smoke, do not smoke.’  

Ross and John asked listeners their secrets to a long life and gave their own. 

John says he takes two tablespoons of fish oil everyday.

Christian said his 93-year-old grandfather drank and smoked until his 60s. 

Thomas told Ross and John his grandfather is nearly 90 and still has salt on crumpets. 

Richard says his golf mate is 97-years-old and plays golf three times a week. 

Listen to Ross and John with Professor Alan Lopez.