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Life in tower lockdown: Three residents share their experiences

While some Melburnians in the nine public housing towers in hard lockdown say they’re living off Sustagen and haven’t heard a word about what’s happening, others say they’ve received plenty of supplies to help them through the shutdown.

Flemington tower resident Bianca says it took two days for her to receive milk formula and nappies for her 11-month-old son, and food supplies have been inadequate.

“This so-called wonderful meat pack … was about four cans of diced tomatoes, long life milk and some soup!,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“We didn’t get the milk but we got mouldy bread”.

Bianca said there has been a total lack of communication to residents.

“We’re still not tested,” she said.

“We have not seen one person.”

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Elaine told Neil Mitchell her disabled 88-year-old father was due to go shopping with a support worker yesterday and he is running out of supplies.

She said he has received some pies in a plastic bag, but no other food since the lockdown began on Saturday.

“He’s just drinking Sustagen, really,” she said.

Elaine said her father doesn’t have the internet, and no information on the situation has been provided to residents.

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Meanwhile, Mohamed Yusef, who lives in the Canning Street towers in North Melbourne, said his experience improved markedly last night.

“Last night at around 11pm we had the food supplies coming in,” he said.

“It was handled really nice and the food bank, and the DHHS, and I think the City of Melbourne came together.

“It was adequate, it was needed, it was sufficient.

“Three boxes, we got, and I think it’s to last us for the remainder of the lockdown.”

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Image: Asanka Ratnayake