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“Life is cruel”: Tyler Fishlock faces third battle with cancer

The brave boy who beat cancer twice and captured the hearts of 3AW listeners is facing his third fight with the disease which has devastated his short life.

Tyler Fishlock lost both eyes to cancer after being diagnosed with a rare cancer at just three-years-old.

He beat the odds again in 2014, surviving aggressive chemotherapy and surgery.

Today Tyler’s heartbroken Mum Georgette told Neil Mitchell her beautiful son now has bone cancer.

“I took him to the emergency department because he was complaining of growing pains in his legs,” Georgette said.

“The x-ray showed he had a broken femur.

“I couldn’t explain why, he hadn’t had a fall or trauma.”

Doctors confirmed there is cancer in Tyler’s bone, which is what caused the break.

“He’s lost his eyes, he’s lost half his face,” Georgette said.

“Why again in his life? Has he not been through enough? Life’s cruel.”

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“It’s going to be quite tricky to treat because he’s had so much chemotherapy already, the body can only take so much of those drugs,” she added.

“Worse case scenario will be amputation.

“There’s no guarantees anywhere Neil.”

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