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‘Lifeless’ Stony Creek cause for concern for residents in Melbourne’s west

Community groups in Melbourne’s west say Stony Creek has become a “lifeless” wasteland following the huge factory fire last month.

They say the West Footscray fire has had a devastating impact on Stony Creek and Cruikshank Park.

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Bernadette Thomas, who is also involved with groups that help look after the creek and park, said there was still noticeable odour.

“There’s still an odour, the water is grey and murky and yucky,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“There’s sludge and black unidentified material along the bank and on the rocks, it’s far from fixed.

“We’ve still seen people letting their dogs go in there. In our view the signage is highly inadequate.”

She called on the state government to come down and review the environmental impact on the creek.

“They are devastated the creek is now lifeless,” she said.

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