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Lifeline urges a national conversation on suicide

Lifeline has said Australia is facing a growing national suicide emergency.

Shocking statistics show that our national suicide toll has skyrocketed to 2,864 in 2014, which is almost 8 Australians per day that took their own lives. 

Typically, media outlets refrain from discussing suicide due to trigger fears, but Peter Shmigel, the CEO of Lifeline Australia, has urged Australians to open up the conversation.

‘One of the best ways to prevent suicide is to change the conversation about it,’ Mr Shmigel said. ‘Let’s make it a national conversation about suicide, that helps people.’

Mr Shmigel said that aside from the nearly 3,000 self-inflicted deaths that took place last year, there are still hundreds of thousands of family members and friends that will be affected by suicide.

‘We genuinely believe that suicide is preventable.’

Anyone experiencing depression, anxiety, or who have thoughts of suicide are urged to call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Click here to visit Lifeline online.


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