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‘Like a bomb’: McNuggets everywhere after Hume Freeway smash

Twenty tonnes of McNuggets exploded across the Hume Freeway after a major collision that shut down the major road this morning.

A B-double truck carrying collided with a stationary, unoccupied car at Epping.

The truck’s driver and his dog walked away unscathed.

Emergency services say it’s amazing there were no injured.

But the car and truck didn’t fare so well.

The car is a mangled mess (pictured above) and truck tipped on its side, spilling chicken nuggets — VicRoads says it’s about 1 million pieces — across the road.

Sergeant Dean Pickering told 3AW it looked like a bomb had gone off at the scene.

The Hume Freeway was closed between the Ring Road and Cooper St for out-bound traffic until about midday.

Dozens of boxes of chicken nuggets have been written off.