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‘Like a prison’: Questions raised over hotel quarantine conditions

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Questions have been raised about the conditions and support being given to Australians who are being kept in hotel quarantine after returning home from overseas.

It comes after a man who was in quarantine died at a Melbourne hotel.

Police say they’re not treating the death as suspicious.

Ryan, 20, has only just returned home on Good Friday after being stuck in Peru.

He’s being held at the Travelodge Hotel in Docklands and told Tony Jones those there were being denied basic needs.

“I didn’t have anything to eat, so I was getting quite anxious,” he explained.

“I’m prone to anxiety attacks and I had one as soon as I got in.

“It feels like a prison in here.

“I couldn’t even get something to eat.

“My dad had to call Triple 0 and it was only then they were able to send stuff in.”

Ryan said he was “grateful” to be home and understood why he was being kept in quarantine.

“I’m not asking for five star service, but it would be nice to have a warm meal, you know, every so often,” he said.

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