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“Like adding a Darwin to the suburbs each year”: Melbourne’s population hits five million

Melbourne’s population is set to five million today, with 125,000 people added in the past year.

Demographer Mark McCrindle told Tom Elliott we’re also set to increase by another million in just seven years.

“The numbers just keep going up,” Mark said.

“It’s like adding a Darwin to the suburbs of Melbourne each year.

“The key driving factors in the increase is from interstate and overseas.

“Sydney loses more people to the rest of Australia than it gains internally, whereas the internal migration into Melbourne is phenomenal.

“Infrastructure is just keeping pace, this growth is way ahead of what was forecast.

“Anywhere else in the world if you had two cities of five million people you’d have high-speed rail connecting the two.

“Australia is the only inhabited continent without high-speed rail.”

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“It really makes this upcoming state election crucial,” Tom Elliott said.

“Leaving aside all the ideological nonsense between left and right, who has the political will to build everything that Melbourne needs?”