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‘Like the movies!’: How Celeste helped police arrest a man

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A Melbourne woman has helped police arrest a man at Mont Albert by driving an officer after the alleged offender!

Celeste told Neil Mitchell she was on her way to deliver a homemade cheese pie to her sister and brother-in-law when she saw police running after somebody.

“Then before I knew it there’s a cop running towards me banging on my bonnet telling me to let him into my car and then I proceeded to drive him to where he needed to go,” she explained.

“I was thinking – where do I put the cheese pie?!”

Celeste then drove after the man they were chasing, before the officer jumped out of the car.

“He said ‘stop here’ and then off he went!” she said.

“I was a bit stunned by the whole situation … it happens in the movies.”

Click PLAY below to hear her explain what happened!