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Little Callum’s big fight helped along by amazing 3AW listeners

Callum Judd should be worried about six-year-old things: Lollies, footy, watching as much TV as possible.

Instead he’s fighting an aggressive cancer.

As first reported in Sunbury Leader, Callum, from Killara Primary School, in undergoing radiation for Stage 4 neuroblastoma.

As if the burden of that health battle is not enough, the Judd family is under increasing financial pressure – car parking, petrol and medical costs that could potentially reach up to $8000 per round.

As such, the family started a Go Fund Me page, hoping to raise $5000 to make things a little easier.

In three months they raised a little over $3000.

And then, in about two minutes, the amazing 3AW audience very quickly hit the $5000 mark.

Click PLAY to hear Neil Mitchell chat with Callum’s mother Claire, the very cute Callum, and then a very generous caller

Click HERE to donate to the Go Fund Me.