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Little good can come from ‘grubby’ media leaks, says Heidi Murphy

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The investigation into Lord Mayor Robert Doyle risks getting “grubby and trashy” if it is played out in the media, says Heidi Murphy.

Councillor Doyle has been accused of sexual harassment by colleague Tessa Sullivan.

The Herald Sun published copies of leaked text messages the pair sent each other, messages that will be tendered as evidence in the investigation.

While wary of “picking sides” in the matter, Murphy, who is hosting 3AW Mornings this week, said the messages “cast a different light” on the matter.

But she said little good could come from leaks to the media.

“A PR war of attrition in the media is grubby,” Heidi Murphy said on 3AW Mornings.

“It can get nasty.

“It can get bitter.

“It can get very, very trashy.

“Leave it all in the hands of the independent investigator.

“Let it run its course.”

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