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Living the dream: Young Aussie on continuous world-wide holiday

A planned 12 months off work has turned into four years of non-stop travel for Melburnian Ben Stanton, who now has more than 100,000 Instagram followers along for the journey too.

Ben told Ross and Kate he was sick of his day job at an accounting firm, and decided to take some time off to travel.

The now 29-year-old hasn’t looked back.

“A lot of people kind of want to live vicariously through you,” he said.

A growing portfolio of beautiful photography, posted to his Instagram profile, has resulted in a legion of followers and endorsement deals.

“It’s different all the time, I’ve worked with Samsung, Corona, Uber, but I turn down 90 per cent of the deals I’m offered because they don’t fit with my audience,” Ben said.

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Ben shared his travel tips, saying he spends roughly $30 a day, saving by cooking his own food and using Couchsurfing, an app similar to Airbnb except accommodation is free.

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