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Lloyd Williams pays tribute to his great mate Ron Walker on a ‘sad day’

Neil Mitchell

Racing great Lloyd Williams has paid tribute on a “sad day” to his mate of 60 years, Ron Walker, who passed away yesterday.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell this morning, Mr Williams suggested a fountain at Albert Park could honour the great Victorian.

The well-known businessman, former lord mayor and ex-Grand Prix chairman died last night, aged 78.

Mr Williams said Mr Walker was instrumental in saving the Regent Theatre and had undertaken countless charity ventures, many of which were not known.

“He had an enormous amount of energy,” he said.

“Ron was a person of tremendous compassion.”

The millionaire businessman was the Grand Prix chairman for 22 years before retiring in 2015, and played a leading role in securing the Commonwealth Games for Melbourne in 2006.

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Neil Mitchell also paid tribute to his long-time friend, a man full of energy and ideas.

He shared stories of Mr Walker calling him in the early hours of the morning, sharing his ideas or thoughts before the show.

“Very few people have had the impact on Victoria that he has had,” he said.

“We need to remember him, and honour him, we need a permanent memorial.”

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Neil Mitchell