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Local anger over plans to remove 229 trees from Beaumaris high school

3AW’s Rumour file was told by ‘Tree Down’ on Wednesday morning that more than 200 trees are expected to be cut down to build new classrooms at a south-east high school. 

CONFIRMED: 229 trees along the fenceline of the Beaumaris High School are to be removed to make way for school upgrades.

Locals say they weren’t consulted about the removal and have started a petition in an attempt to prevent the trees going.

The CEO of the Victorian School Building Authority Chris Keating tells Tom Elliott the tree removalists will be there early Monday morning.

‘Even though we are taking out 229 trees, we are putting in more than 5000 additional plants, including 500 big trees.’- he told 3AW Drive.

Chris says through the consultation they preformed they weren’t aware how important the trees were to the community, but he agrees they could have consulted locals ‘better’.

Local resident Jason says the community isn’t happy, he tells Tom Elliott – ‘As a community it just feels like we’ve been ignored.’

Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson says that view is supported by the Bayside Council.

 ‘The problem is, you’re not able to buy 100-year-old red gums at Bunnings.’ he told Tom Elliott.

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