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Locksmith crowned Good Guy of the Week after helping elderly lady

A kind locksmith has been crowned our Good Guy of the Week, after he helped out an elderly lady in trouble. 

The lady had presented at a police station looking for her help after she locked herself out of her North Melbourne home.

Locksmith Michael Forbes was called in to change her locks, and after wishing her a Merry Christmas, he told her it was free of charge. 

Michael’s wife Michelle told Ross and John it was clear the elderly woman was distressed. 

‘He felt really bad for her,’ she said. ‘Her partner and her son had passed away recently. And he decided to do a good deed for the day.’

Michelle said she wasn’t surprised to hear what her husband had done.

‘He’s actually a 6’4′ half Samoan, half Kiwi and to look at him you’d think you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley but he’s actually a massive softie.’

LISTEN: Michelle Forbes tells Ross and John what happened