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Lombok earthquake: More than 80 people killed, thousands flee their homes and holidays

At least 82 people are dead after an earthquake struck the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok.

The magnitude 7 quake struck early Sunday evening at a depth of 10.5km in the northern part of Lombok.

Indonesian officials believe at least 82 people have been killed.

Thousands of people have fled their homes and holiday accommodation, not only in Lombok but as far away as Bali.

Channel Nine reporter Renae Henry, holidaying in Bali with friends, told Ross and John it was “one of the most scary things I’ve ever been through”.

“The earth just shook underneath us for a good minute,” she said.

“There is nothing like that feeling of the earth shaking like that and you feel dizzy and there’s nothing you can do about it.

“The water in our pool was like a washing machine, there were children crying, the women were screaming out prayers.”

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Australia’s Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton is in Lombok for a counter-terrorism meeting, and said the quake “was powerful enough to put us on the floor”.