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‘Long Way To The Top’ clip turns 40

40 years ago today, this iconic Aussie music video was filmed on Swanston St.

It’s one we all know and love: AC/DC’s Long Way To The Top. 

The clip’s director, Paul Drane, told Ross and John he just wanted to recreate the feel of Moomba.

‘What do you do at Moomba? You put people on the back of a truck and drive down Swanston St,’ he said.

The rest is history.

Click play to hear Paul Drane’s story



At the time of filming, AC/DC frontman Bon Scott could not play the bagpipes. 

He enlisted Kevin Conlon, of the ‘Rats of Tobruk’ pipe band, to teach him to mimic playing the solo for the video authentically.

Mr Conlon also appeared in the film clip, playing his own pipes.

Click play to hear Kevin Conlon’s story


Click play to hear 3AW listener Devon cover the song’s classic bagpipe solo


Then Lois called in to play it on the reed organ…


And Lindsay had a crack on the button accordion