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Lord Mayor Robert Doyle defends Queen Victoria Market upgrades

The Lord Mayor has come under fire over Queen Victoria Market upgrades.

Actor, Sigrid Thornton questioned the Lord Mayor’s true intentions.

Robert Doyle sat down with Neil Mitchell to talk about the changes.

He says last night the City of Melbourne met and they did three things:

‘We approved an implementation plan which is really saying what order we’re going to do things in and when.’

‘The next thing we did was send an amendment off to the minister, an independent panel looked at what should the planning controls be around the market. And they’re some considerable changes to what exists at present.’

 ‘We want to make it a public use zone, which means it enshrines forever that that is a market. It can’t be used for other purposes’ – Doyle told Neil Mitchell. 

The Lord Mayor says this will protect the status of Queen Victoria market as a market.

He also announced on 3AW Mornings that they are starting to move towards the development of the Munroe site, which was purchased by Melbourne City for $76m. ‘

‘We want to put childcare facilities, community facilities, car parking facilities and we want to get cars off the asphalt.’ ? The Lord Mayor told Neil Mitchell.

NEIL: ‘Why are the traders screaming?’

DOYLE: ‘I think they don’t like change.’

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