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Lord Mayor rubbishes idea of council ban on kid’s books

The new Lord Mayor Sally Capp says there will be not be a ban on certain children’s books.

Research has shown children as young as three can be influenced by gender stereo-types in books.

There’s a suggestion childhood favourites such as Noddy and Thomas the Tank Engine could be removed from shelves, if they fail to meet gender targets after an audit of libraries.

In her first in-studio interview as Lord Mayor-elect, Counciller Capp immediately shut down the idea.

Neil: Do we need an audit for gender equality in books?

Ms Capp: No.

“Books are absolutely vital in the world that we live in and books often reflect the values and ideas of the way society worked at a particular time,” she said.

“And if after decades we don’t agree then the good thing is those books actually give us a chance to have a discussion with our kids.”

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Ms Capp also discussed other issues she plans to tackle as Lord Mayor including:

  • The city’s waste collection process, she says there are currently too many companies and subsequently too many trucks clogging city streets
  • Prioritizing car parking at Queen Vic Market
  • She indicated she is a fan of the Apple flagship store plan at Fed Square
  • She is open to looking at a population policy for the city