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Luke Beveridge’s mother says she wanted the Dogs’ coach to keep his medal

Luke Beveridge is the man of the moment.

He’s taken the Bulldogs to a drought-breaking Premiership, and enamoured himself to the football world by handing his medal over to injured captain Rob Murphy.

Neil Mitchell wanted to find out more about the man, so he interviewed the one person who knows him best – his mother, Rosa.

Mrs Beveridge said she wasn’t as impressed as everyone else by his show of support to Murphy.

‘Everybody in the world said ‘what a wonderful gesture’, and his mother thought, ‘hey, Luke, that’s yours!” she said.

Mrs Beveridge said Luke has always walked to the beat of his own drum, but he has always related well to others.

‘I remember him buying a pink t-shirt. Boys didn’t wear pink in those days’, she said.

‘He’s very honest. He’s very direct in everything he does. It’s just part of his make-up.’

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