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Madonna keeps fans waiting until just before midnight

Caller Karen told Neil Mitchell that she won tickets to Madonna’s concert but she left feeling disappointed.

‘What a joke,’ she told Neil. ‘It was just getting so late…I left at 2.30.’

‘She cracked a few lame jokes and she threw peanuts at us from a bag…it was pretty disappointing Neil.’

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Madonna has once again left fans in the lurch.

After keeping her audience waiting hours for her to appear in Manila and Auckland, last night it was Melbourne’s turn to spend hours in a queue.

‘This was bound to happen,’ said Pete Ford, who recently told Ross and John that Madonna had done a similar thing in New Zealand.

‘Bad luck if you had to get the 11.28 from Flinders Street!’

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Madonna fan Kate told 3AW Breakfast she was disappointed not to see Madonna dress up as a clown.

Another listener, Mike, said one of his daughters had only had a few hours’ sleep. 

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