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‘Maggots growing in the bin’: Residents slam City of Whittlesea

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The Mayor of Whittlesea has blamed council’s delay in recent rubbish removal on a contractor, saying all the company’s trucks had mechanical issues at the same time.

Cr Kris Pavlidis, Mayor of Whittlesea addressed the issues raised on 3AW Drive last week.

“Unfortunately there was a huge backlog following the public holidays over the Christmas/New Year period and our contractor had a number of trucks off the road,” she said.

“What, they all suffered a break down at the same time?” Tom Elliott asked.

“Well that’s what we were told.”

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Residents in Melbourne’s outer north are fed up with their council’s inconsistency in picking up rubbish, some claiming maggots are growing in their bins due to the rubbish not being picked up for weeks at a time.

Kathy, who lives in Bundoora, told Tom Elliott the City of Whittlesea’s actions were “just not acceptable”.

“In my area, I’ve seen rubbish sitting there for weeks on end,” she said.

“People have got maggots growing out of their bin, rubbish overflowing onto the roads.”

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The council took to Facebook to say a number of their trucks are undergoing repairs and a new fleet won’t be in operation for another six months.

The statement has hundreds of comments from disgruntled residents posted to the page.

Photos: City of Whittlesea, Facebook

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