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Majak Daw joins Neil Mitchell on 3AW to talk about crime involving African youth

Majak Daw admits he often feels ‘helpless’ when he sees the latest reports of crime involving teens of African descent in Melbourne.

But he’s determined to help find a solution.

The North Melbourne ruckman, who came to Australia from South Sudan at the age of 11, told 3AW he felt isolated when he first came to the country and could relate to the problems and feelings many young immigrants faced in their new home country.

‘I was once in their shoes,’ Daw said.

‘I can relate to them.’

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He said it was ‘really disappointing’ to see young members of his community fall into a life of crime.

‘Because most South Sudanese people have come to this country to better their lives,’ Daw said.

‘I feel terrible.

‘At times I’ve felt helpless.’

But he’s using his AFL profile to try and make a difference.

‘That’s how powerful footy is,’ Daw said.

‘It’s what everyone talks about in Melbourne.

‘I think we can work together.

‘The last thing our parents want us to be doing is causing problems.’


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