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Major telcos to switch 2G off by end of 2016

Australians who use older style phones relying on the 2G network will be in for a shock this year after the major telcos switch the network off completely.

700,000 Australians still use older Nokias, Motorolas, Sony Ericssons that were popular ten years ago, particularly older Australians and those who live in rural areas.

Tom Elliott spoke to Foad Fadaghi, Managing Director of Telsyte (which analyses emerging technology) who said the network had passed its use by date.

‘It is only a small proportion of people that are still clinging on to these older devices,’ Mr Fadaghi said. ‘We’re talking about some models that don’t exist anymore.’

‘They’re kind of kept alive by these new networks that are still plodding along.’

The move is expected to also affect some vending machines and tracking devices that rely on 2G also.

Listen in full as Tom Elliott speaks with Foad Fadaghi, Managing Director of Telsyte