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Making kids do housework teaches responsibility and strengthens families says leading child psychologist

Making kids do housework teaches responsibility, builds self-confidence and strengthens families according to leading child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, Dr Carr-Gregg said it’s about teaching kids how to associate effort with outcome, and its best they start at a young age.

‘I think you start it as a ritual and a tradition right from when they’re young, because when they’re young they are very keen to help’

‘You don’t get anything for nothing, there is a requirement you help the family function…if you make a mess, don’t you think you should be part of the team that cleans it up?’

In 2012, an AIFS study reported boys do 28 minutes of housework a day and girls 38 minutes.

‘When your children leave home, and move into a flat, do you want them to be the laughing stock because they don’t know how to do the basics’, he said.

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