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Malcolm Turnbull rejects claims Donald Trump hung up on him, tells Tom Elliott US alliance is ‘rock solid’

The White House appears to have confirmed the Australian American refugee swap deal will go ahead.

During a briefing, a spokesperson for Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, said there would be ‘extreme vetting’ if the deal goes ahead.

‘The deal was cut by the last administration (and) is something he was extremely upset with, he does not like it,’ he said.

‘But out of respect for him, he will continue to study it.’

But during the conference, Mr Spicer said the Trump administration has great respect for Australia, while he mistakenly referred to the Prime Minister as ‘Mr Trumble’.

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It comes as President Trump admitted he had ‘tough’ conversations with Malcolm Turnbull about the deal.

The issue has blown up after revelations a phone call between the pair was terse, with President Trump saying the US won’t be used by other countries.

Speaking on 3AW Drive with Tom Elliott, Mr Turnbull rejected suggestions Mr Trump ‘hung up’ on him following the terse phone call.

He said Australia’s relationship with America remained ‘rock solid.’

Mr Turnbull said he was ‘very disappointed’ by the leak to The Washington Post, in which it was claimed the pair had a hostile discussion.

‘I can confirm the report the President hung up on me is not correct,’ Mr Turnbull said on 3AW Drive.

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