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Malcolm Turnbull says any changes made to the welfare system will be fair

Parents on welfare are taking home the same amount as many hard-working teachers and nurses.

Figures show the top 10% of recipients are bringing in at least $45,000 a year, tax free. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spoke with Neil Mitchell, he says ‘We’ve got to assure that the welfare system offers a generous safety net in society.’

But Neil Mitchell argues ‘You shouldn’t get more from welfare than you would going to work.’

Turnbull agrees, and says ‘The welfare system should always encourage people to get into employment.’ and he says any changes the government makes to the welfare system will be fair. 

The Prime Minister says he’s surprised state Labor MP Steve Herbert is still the Corrections Minister, after revelations he used his taxpayer funded car to ferry his dogs around.

‘It’s extraordinary. I’m amazed he’s still there, but it seems to be an extraordinary thing to do, we have to remember that these resources that are made available to us as politicians are there for work.’ Turnbull said on 3AW Mornings.

On cartoonist Bill Leak, Malcolm Turnbull says Leak is not a racist.

Mr Leak is being investigated for breaching 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

It’s claimed Mr Leak offended by drawing a cartoon showing a drunk Aboriginal father not remembering his son’s name.

The PM has told Neil Mitchell it was simply an expression of free speech.

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