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Malcolm Turnbull set to hand over $1.5 billion for Victoria’s roads


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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the only thing standing in the way of major road and freight rail upgrades is the Andrews Government.

The Commonwealth has outlined the projects it will allow $1.5 billion of funding previously allocated to East West Link to be spent on.

It includes a $500 million dollar upgrade of the Monash Freeway, money for upgrades to the Western and Metropolitan ring roads and Murray Basin Rail.

But the state will have to match the funding, dollar for dollar, to get the cash.

Mr Turnbull said on 3AW Mornings the projects were critical for Australia, not just Victoria.

‘The only thing standing the way of this is the commitment of the Victorian Government,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘The money is there.

‘We simply have to get on with it.’

But Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas says the state will decide what it will build.

A further $3 billion will be committed to the East West Link, if a future government decides to build it.

But Mr Pallas has told Neil Mitchell no amount of money will make the government build East West.

‘The people of Victoria voted for it not to happen,’ Mr Pallas said on 3AW Mornings.

‘This is not real money, Neil.

‘It’s just rhetoric.

‘It’s the same sort of Abbott-esque approach, policy on the run, looking for a headline.’

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