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Man arrested, pitbull seized after shocking Frankston attack

Click play to hear Emma tell her story from her hospital bed

UPDATE: A Frankston woman who claimed a dog inflicted horrific injuries on her face and arm appears to have had her version of events disputed by witnesses.

Police are expected to charge a man over the attack.

Speaking to 3AW Breakfast from hospital, Emma McKnight told Justin and Kate she had 150 stitches inserted after her cheek was ripped off in the horrifying encounter.

Ms McKnight said she was walking her dog about 11am when they were beset upon by a vicious pitbull.

‘It latched onto my arm at first, lock-jawed onto my arm,’ she said.

‘I tried to get it off and it went to my face and ripped my cheek off my face.’

Police confirmed on Wednesday they had been told a woman was bitten by a dog but was also assaulted during an altercation.

A Frankston North man, 34, was arrested, released and is expected to be charged at a later date.

The dog, described as a pitbull, was seized by the council ranger.