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Man killed in Keysborough shooting

A man has been shot dead in brutal fashion and two others wounded in an attack at Keysborough which has police ‘extremely concerned.’

The shooting happened at a townhouse at a new estate on Church Road shortly before 10pm on Tuesday night.

Police say a group of men, aged in their 20s, were at a ‘social gathering’ in a garage which backed onto a laneway.

One of the men then left through the back garage, where he was confronted and shot in the chest. He couldn’t be revived.

Two other men were injured when shots were fired into the garage. They are in stable conditions.

Local inspector Mark Langhorn said police were still looking for answers. The victims weren’t known to police.

‘I’m extremely concerned by the nature of this crime and the impact it has on the victims, the families, the neighbours and the community,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘We’re going to throw all the resources we can to try and catch these people.’

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