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Man loses legs, spleen, use of his right arm after white-tailed spider bite

A man remains in hospital and has had both his legs amputated after a white-tailed spider bite. 

Terry Pareja was visiting relatives in Birchip when it is believed he was bitten by a spider.

His brother-in-law Ray Ogleby told 3AW Breakfast his initial symptoms were similar to the common cold, but he didn’t receive medical attention until days later.

‘He didn’t even know he was bitten,’ he said.

Mr Pareja also lost part of his bowel and spleen.

‘He couldn’t hardly walk on Saturday, his foot was swollen and on Sunday it started to turn black,’ he said.

But researcher at Melbourne University’s Australian Venom Research Unit, Bill Nimo, told 3AW News he didn’t believe a white-tailed spider was to blame.

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