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‘They went straight for him’: Man mowed down in terrifying Reservoir aggravated burglary

A 69-year-old Reservoir man is spending his birthday in hospital after being mowed down during a terrifying aggravated burglary.

The man returned to his Lucille Avenue home on Monday to find the house ransacked and car keys stolen.

His wife, Val, described the carnage.

“Plaster broken, possessions taken, even my breathing machine. They took passports, birth certificates,” Val told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

The family called police, who attended the house, but later that day the thieves returned to steal two cars.

“They came back at six o’clock,” Val said.

“My oldest boy actually could see through the window that two people drove up in our driveway.”

Val’s husband and son chased the thieves, hoping to stop them stealing the cars, but were unable to stop them exiting the driveway.

The suspect driving one of the stolen cars, a 26-year-old woman, lost control of the vehicle on the street and flipped it.

Meanwhile, her co-accused in another is alleged to have deliberately mowed down Val’s husband.

“They looked at him, and they went straight for him,” she said.

“They knocked him to the ground and broke both bones in the bottom part of the leg.”

Val’s husband is in The Alfred hospital where he has undergone surgery for his injuries.

“He’s got a steel rod, so they’ve had to join bones together,” Val said.

“He’s in a bad way.”

Three people are believed to be in police custody in relation to the incident.

Press PLAY below for Val’s terrifying account of the incident.