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Man rescued after being trapped up to his nose in water for almost three hours

An excavating accident left Daniel Miller trapped in a dam for almost three hours with his nose just above water.

Daniel’s wife Saimaa Miller spoke with 3AW Mornings about her husband’s the lucky escape.

‘For three hours it took real mental, mental, mental strength to survive.’

‘Sheer will.

‘He’s an extraordinary man,’ Saimaa tells Neil Mitchell.  

Mr Miller was working on his property at Charlotte Bay on the NSW coast when the accident occurred. 

Saimaa tells Neil she knew her husband would be fine, ‘He’s not going to die because he promised me he wouldn’t.’

NEIL: Do you think this will change him? It’s a near death experience.

SAIMAA: How could you change a perfect man?

3AW Mornings spoke with Daniel who is doing well in hospital recovering.

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