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Man says he was ‘fat-shamed’ by a Qantas employee on flight

A Geelong man flying between Melbourne and Brisbane says he was “fat-shamed” despite paying a premium to sit in emergency row seating.

Darren Beales had specially booked a seat in the emergency exit row for extra leg room, but was told by the flight attendant on-board he could not sit there due to “air regulations”.

Mr Beales told 3AW Drive he felt bullied when an employee suggested in the future he purchase a second seat.

“When I asked for a extender belt (the flight attendant) look at me and said you can’t sit there,” says Mr Beales.

“She then asked me to move from my seat to another seat.”

Mr Beales said Qantas only called to apologise after his story hit national media outlets.

“This is the first time I’ve flown with Qantas and I thought it would be all smiles from the photos,” says Mr Beales.

Qantas have since contacted Mr Beales and offered him a $120 refund for the extra leg room he purchased.

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