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Man sets up website to discourage people from moving to new suburb next to Point Cook

“Frankly, it sucks!”

That’s how Point Cook resident James describes living in a suburb which he says has been so badly under-invested, he’s set up a website to discourage new people from moving in. reads: Welcome to Aviator Fields, Point Cook: One of the dumbest choices you could make in your lifetime.

“We’re really struggling in Point Cook, we’re so under invested in terms of infrastructure,” James told Neil Mitchell.

“Roads, schools, hospitals, jobs, there’s really nothing out here that’s been done for us.

“The school nearest me, they run three separate lunch times because they can’t fit all the kids in the yard.

“We set it up to tell people all the stuff developers are likely to leave out.”

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“The rest of Point Cook is in a shambles. There’s not enough police. It takes around 30 minutes to drive out of the suburb – or if you catch the bus (yes, we think there’s only one physical bus) you’re probably at closer to an hour. The hospital is overwhelmed and can’t cope. There’s no jobs. Frankly, it sucks – and if you move to Aviator Fields you’re not only going to feel the effects of it; you’re also part of the problem.”