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Man trapped under tonnes of steel after drinking after fight with partner


A man is in hospital after he was trapped under about four tonnes of steel at a scrap metal yard in the Geelong suburb of Breakwater.

Wayne Gill arrived at his scrap metal yard on Leather Street at about 8.30 this morning.

He heard moans coming from one of the bins and went to investigate.

The man was trapped by about four tonnes of steel.

The CFA rescued the man in a delicate operation that took about half an hour.

He’s in a stable condition with pelvic injuries in the Geelong hospital. 

Mr Gill says the man told him he was drunk after a fight with his partner when he wandered into the yard and became trapped at about midnight.

Police are investigating, but acting senior sergeant Darren Murphy says the incident could have turned out a lot worse if his cries went unnoticed.