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Man vs Google: Businessman wins court case against tech giant over defamatory reviews

3AW Breakfast

Google is facing a contempt of court charge after failing to remove reviews which a court ruled were defamatory to a Sydney businessman.

The unnamed businessman took the internet giant to court after repeatedly submitting requests for the reviews to be removed.

The landmark ruling is expected to open the gates for an onslaught of similar cases against media organisations and social media sites.

Although the ruling is the first of its kind, media lawyer Justin Quill said it’s logical.

“In terms of the application of the law it’s not that surprising,” he told 3AW’s Kate and Quarters.

Big tech and media organisations are monitoring the court case closely.

“No doubt the government and our bigger media organisations will be looking pretty seriously at this decision,” Mr Quill said.

“What often happens in these situations is people go after the big entity that is the easy target, and not the actual person whose posting these things.”

Mr Quill said there’s no reason to worry about leaving online reviews if they’re honest.

“Generally speaking, if people are putting up their honest opinions based on their experiences then they should be pretty safe,” he said.

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