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Man who allegedly shot himself in ‘ice-related mishap’ later ‘poisoned’ in prison

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A man who allegedly shot himself in what police called an ”ice-related mishap” has miraculously survived, only to have his gun linked to a Noble Park shootout.

As Age reporter Tammy Mills told 3AW Breakfast things then went from “pretty bad to even worse” for Luke Morin (above).

“Mr Morin against all the odds survives, despite losing his right eye, part of his brain and part of his skull,” she said.

“Then police say they’ve linked this gun to a wild shoot out in Noble Park.

“On remand for that, his lawyer and his mum are now saying he was given a toxic dose of a medication which saw him hospitalised about a week ago.

“His uncle, who has the same surname as him is in the cell next to him, his lawyers allege that remand staff accidentally mixed up the medication.”

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Tammy said the drug was an anti-psych drug which Mr Morin told his mother caused him to lose feeling in his body.

He’s now applying for bail.

Photo: The Age

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