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Man wrongly fined $30,000 for speeding, as hunt begins for pink Yaris

A Melbourne man has been fined $30,000 and lost 23 demerit points in the space of a fortnight.

But there’s one problem ? he shouldn’t have been.

Harry Chonja got the shock of his life when he started receiving fine after fine in the mail for speeding in the Keysborough area.

But the plates being fined belong to a Jaguar Mr Chonja sold almost a decade ago.

They’re now on a pink Toyota Yaris being driven by a young female.

But the authorities don’t seem to want a bar of Mr Chonja’s story.

‘She’s lost her licence twice in the last month and yet she’s still driving around on our roads,’ Mr Chonja told Tony Jones.

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BELOW: The plates on Harry’s old car.