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Maremma dogs could act as security guards for penguins at Melbourne Zoo

3AW Breakfast may have found the solution to Melbourne Zoo’s penguin problem.

Zoo staff remain on the hunt for a rogue fox, which is believed to be responsible for the massacre of 14 penguins on Wednesday.

And until it’s found, Allan ‘Swampy’ Marsh has a suggestion.

He was part of a plan to put a Maremma dog on Middle Island at Warrnambool to help protect the local penguin population from foxes.

And it worked wonders.

A movie was even made out of it.

‘From the moment we put a dog on the island, there’s never been another attack and penguin numbers have grown,’ ‘Swampy’ told Ross and John.

‘They don’t muck about.’

Click PLAY below to hear Allan ‘Swampy’ Marsh explain Maremma dogs.