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Martial arts expert launching community response group to combat crime

A martial arts expert who is launching a community response group to combat crime in the northern suburbs is adamant he is not dishing out vigilante justice.

Daniel Jones (above), who runs the school “Tactical Force Combatives” is leading the group in Epping and told Neil Mitchell he is hopeful a group turning up would deter criminals from offending.

“We’ll have a phone that is purely for being texted the location of a person who is in distress, a group message would be sent out to the group and anyone who is available would move to that area as quickly and safely as possible,” Daniel said.

“It’s absolutely not vigilantism, we’re not there to dish out justice, we’re simply there to stop the crime.”

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Neil Mitchell said it wasn’t a good idea.

“I think it could get nasty, I think it could get dangerous,” Neil said.

“I’m not arguing about his motivation but I think it could become quite ugly.”

Photo: Tactical Force Combatives, Facebook