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Mass climate ‘die in’ brings Melbourne CBD to a halt

Macquarie National News

Melbourne’s CBD ground to a halt today as a group called Extinction Rebellion hits the streets.

Hundreds of climate change activists staged a climate rally on the steps of State Parliament at midday, followed by a march through the city where they staged mass “die in” on the corner of Bourke Street and Swanston Street.

Demonstrators lay ‘dead’ on the road and tram tracks as a reminder of the earth’s extinction if nothing is done about climate change.

Jane Moreton, one of the protest organisers, told Neil Mitchell the protest aimed to highlight the impact climate change will have on humanity.

“The thing we’re trying to get across is we’re actually risking human extinction, not just the extinction of animals,” she said.

“A minor traffic disruption is nothing compared to the disruption we face.”

Extinction Rebellion is the group behind recent mass rallies and sit-ins in central London and other major cities.

In London’s case, the protest lasted for days.

5600 people had RSVP’d to the event today on Facebook, with another 17,000 listed as “interested”.

Press PLAY below to hear protest organiser Jane Moreton on air with Neil Mitchell.

Macquarie National News