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Massive 42 tonne fatberg discovered in a Melbourne drain after toilet paper shortage

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A massive 42 tonne fatberg has been discovered in a Melbourne’s drain, prompting calls for Melburnians to be mindful of what they flush down the toilet.

The fatberg, a mass of wet wipes, rags, paper towels and other foreign material, which mix with fats, oils and grease, was found in a Wallan sewer this week after panic buying led to a shortage of toilet paper.

Yarra Valley Water managing director Pat McCafferty says there has been a 30 per cent increase in foreign materials flushed down Melbourne toilets due to the toilet paper shortage.

Mr McCafferty told 3AW’s Kate and Quarters the Wallan fatberg is “massive”.

“It’s bigger than a petrol tanker,” he said.

“It took our crew, a crew of about eight people, nine hours to remove the thing!”

If fatbergs remain undetected in sewers they cause residential blockages, or sewage spills.

“None of us want that,” Mr McCafferty said.

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