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Mates raise money for families of men badly hurt in Big River camping accident

A group of mates have been lucky to escape with their lives after an enormous gum tree came crashing down on their campsite last weekend.

Matthew Shovelton told Neil Mitchell he was with friends on a camping weekend at Big River, near Marysville, last Saturday night when the accident occurred.

Two of the men were badly hurt in the fall, and there are two fundraiser pages running to help the families of the injured men.

“About quarter past 12 we heard an almighty crack, we looked at each other and just started running,” Matthew said.

“Unfortunately two of our friends ended up in the path of the tree, one was sleeping where it landed.

“From my understanding he has broken ribs, front and back, and a bruised heart and lacerations to his head.

“One of the others who’s the most seriously injured has severe back injuries, broken femur, leg and neck injuries.”

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Clint Dent has a broken spine in three places, broken jaw, smashed teeth, shattered tibia and fibula bone, suspected nerve injuries to his right arm, and all his injuries require separate surgeries.

“If you can help, it would really appreciated,” Neil said.

“They’re lucky to be alive but they’ve got a long road back.”