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Matthew Guy says crime is ‘out of control’ in Victoria and it’s time to act

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy says crime is ‘out of control’ in the state.

He says Victorians have never been more fearful of becoming a victim.

The Coalition has promised to ‘name and shame’ repeat teenage offenders if it wins the next election.

Mr Guy told Neil Mitchell it was time for action.

‘I’m a Melbourne boy, I was born and raised in this city, I’m raising my children in this city and I love this city ? but what I’m seeing become of this city worries me, concerns me and scares me,’ he said in studio.

‘I think Victorians, those particularly in Melbourne, are more worried than ever before.

‘It’s about time we sent a very clear and strong message that enough is enough.

‘This government is talking but doing nothing.

‘The Premier is halfway through his term of office and he is just repeating the same lines he has for the last two years, yet crime is getting worse by the day.’

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