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Matthew Guy’s $19b plan for ‘European-style’ fast rail to upgrade Victoria’s regional train network

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says he is yet to do a business case on the Coalition’s $19 billion proposal to rebuild the regional rail network.

The “European-style fast rail” would mean trains would run up to 200km/hr with a trip from Melbourne to Geelong taking 32 minutes, within four years if elected.

A trip to Ballarat would take 45 minutes.

Mr Guy told Neil Mitchell it gives people an incentive to move to, and help grow regional Victoria and decentralise Melbourne.

The fully costed plan would be released before the election, he said.

Neil: Have you done a business case on it?

Mr Guy: No, but as far as I am concerned, I am going to the public with a very clear view as to how I want to grow the state.

Neil: Will you do a business case?

Mr Guy: Yes we will.

Neil: What if it doesn’t stack up? Steve Bracks in 1999 was going to do all this, a very similar plan, he got in, had a look and said it won’t work, it’s too expensive.

Mr Guy: One of the things the business case will do is certainly identify efficiencies in how we can build, and some of the construction and timing and sequencing.

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