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MCG Roof Walk confirmed, but still some way off

You could be walking on the MCG roof in a year’s time.

3AW’s Rumour File confirmed the MCG roof walk is in the works on Thursday.

But MCC CEO Stephen Gough told Neil Mitchell there are a lot of details to hammer out first.

‘It’s still conceptual at this stage,’ Mr Gough said.

‘We’ve obviously got to jump a few hurdles… what time of year to run it? Is it only day time? Would you do it on the day of a match?’ 

Mr Gough said there could be a zip-line that runs from the city end scoreboard roof, over the field, to the bottom of level four.

Neil thinks it could provide fans with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

‘Imagine doing that walk on Grand Final Day as the teams came out or as the ball was bounced. Or Ball One of the Ashes Test.’

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