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McKinnon residents in Claire St face off with developers

A group of McKinnon residents say high-rise apartment blocks and developments in a small cul-de-sac will ruin the suburb’s village feel.

But Glen Eira council says they have no choice but to allow developments despite fierce criticism from residents in Claire Street.

Two out of the 12 home owners in the street are holding out and refusing to sell up.

John Menko has lived in McKinnon for 20 years and said he won’t be selling to developers.

‘We are going to stay where we are, we love where we live,’ he said.

‘We’ve had a few offers each time we’ve just rejected the offers.’

Glen Eira mayor Jim Magee said he appreciated the concerns of residents, but the council’s hands were tied.

‘If the development complies with the residential building codes and Glen Eira’s own codes, there’s very little grounds to refuse it,’ he said.

‘We can’t just refuse it because we don’t like it.’