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Measles alert: Six cases confirmed including one infant

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Victoria’s acting Chief Health Officer, Dr Angie Bone has confirmed there are now six people, including an infant, who have developed measles.

The victims caught the contagious infection after coming into contact with an infected overseas traveller who was in Melbourne earlier this month, before returning to Vietnam.

The visitor attended two family events in Mornington and St Kilda, on the fourth and fifth of May respectively.

The latest diagnosed have been said to have attended a wide number of locations.

“Measles can be really serious, occasionally it can progress to quite sincere complications,” says Dr Bone.

“Infants are often to young to have the MMR vaccine as their immune systems are not mature enough to respond.

“Most children under the age of 12 months aren’t vaccinated and are at risk.

“The more people who are vaccinated, the less chance there is of it being passed on.”

Dr Bone says anyone with symptoms should contact their GP immediately as it’s feared there could be more cases.

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