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Medical device being hailed as a ‘miraculous’ breakthrough

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A “miraculous” device that could save millions of lives is well on the way to becoming a medical reality.

It’s an artificial heart.

It’s described as a spinning disc, planted inside a titanium device, which uses magnetic levitation to replace the function of a heart.

Yes, in place of a heart. You can even control how much blood is being pumped and at what speed.

Neil Mitchell spoke with Dr Paul Kelly, a managing partner at OneVentures, about the device on Thursday.

OneVentures is investing in the technology.

“It was miraculous,” Dr Kelly said on 3AW Mornings.

“I saw it in action at the Texas Heart Institute where one of these devices was planted inside a large animal.

“The animal was up on its legs two hours after the operation and having all the normal function.”

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